12 hour 2019 Super Bowl Food Deliver Gig

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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everyone today is February 3rd Iworked all day for the Super Bowl Sunday2019 Super Bowl the 53rd one I listenedto it when I came on the radio frombeginning to end I chose to work todayand not hang around and watch the gameor do whatever because I thought it wasgoing to be a great day and not so muchI just came well I’ve been home for alittle while but I just watched a videothat paid to drive he I’ll put the linkin the description below and I laughedbecause it happened to me let me tellyou why I say today was a bustI really thought it was going to be agreat day it was a beautiful day out Ifigured not many people to be out thereI was working three apps that’s a veryimportant to tell you that I was workingthree appsI left my house at 10:30 and I went tothe location where I was there fiveminutes and I got my first order and Iparked my car at 10:30 and I broughtlunch I treated it like I was going tomy job brought lunch brought bottles ofwater a cup of coffee and started theday and I stayed and I did it thank Godfor texting and a few touching base withpeople because driving all day is a verylonely gig but for me it’s the last timeI’m doing it all day and I did itbecause I thought it was going to be agreat day I drove a hugging of 46 miles146 point two which really is a badconsidering I left the house at 10:30and I pulled up at 10:30 that’s 12 hoursthat’s a long time I took a couple ofbreaks add a couple of lolsit’s a couple of breaks I just focusedon delivering I really expected to do alot better I made a hundred and fiftyeight dollars and sixty cents that’sreally badnow I remember doing it twice all dayand I had what was over three hundredand one was just three hundred I waspretty new to itit was tough I came home I was excited Ijust focused of his head I’m justthinking of a lot of things coming up Ijust couldn’t believe that’s all I madeI was really shocked and that’s includeincludes a three dollar cash tip and oneperson gave me a six dollar tip on theovereats app I worked over weeks door -and GrubHub and I am so disappointed nowthe video – paid to drive that he speaksabout what went down today good thing Iwas really close I was there within fiveminutes I stroll up to Buffalo WildWings and I walk it with the red bag andI go to the takeout area and I wait inline and within 30 seconds a very nicegentleman that works at came up and hegoes we’re not accepting any dog -orders and I said well I’m Willie grumpup and he goes not nothing tablets areoffwe can’t it’s too much in demand theycould not keep up with the orders so Ikeep his really nice to me I was reallynice to him and said oh I’m so sorry Iwasn’t aware he goes but we told themthey should have never sent you here andthat’s what he said we told them so goodthing I was only around the corner andby the time I walked to my car and I wasalready speaking with them they werethey were already ringing me withanother order to check his around thecorner so that was kind of a bustbecause I was in a location wherethere’s a Buffalo Wild Wings and there’sa um another wing placeit’s buffalo wings I guess it’s calledand I was right in the middle all day Iwas right there and I couldn’t believe Ionly have one order from both of themand when I walked in they saywhen I we can’t we can’t service theorders we can’t do it so that was a bustI didn’t take any GrubHub blocks and Iturned down four orders now paid paid todrive and one of his other videos hestated that GrubHub was sending outtexts saying that no one will receive anorder less than $8 in certain marketsthey didn’t send that to meI turned down to $4 a four dollar eightycents a four dollar 66 they actuallysent me a $4 and fifteen cent order andit was like I was already four townsaway I was like what are they out oftheir mindso I rejected and the final order andevery time I rejected they sent me abetter order with shorter distance whatelse is there to tell you that’s it I’llput his link below because that I foundthat very interesting I worked for anynight I did a few deliveries early inthe day and then I realized my headlightwas out so I went down the street andthe very nice mechanic couldn’t get theball about how to take off my front endeverything done in an hour and 20minutes so that got me off track but Icame home I chilled out and did a fewthings I went back out at 6:45 and I washome at 11:15 and I made one hundred andtwenty eight dollars and forty eightcents one hundred and twenty dollars andforty eight cents and today I worked 12hours and I made one fifty eight sixtywhen a 20-minute Lowell in the middleand a ten minute here ten minute thereand I was working three apps imagine howlittle I would have made if I hadaccepted those lowball offers thatshould even be offered it’s an insultit’s insultingso GrubHubdid not was not aware of the BuffaloWild Wing in Westbury Long Island NewYorkthey weren’t aware that they shut downtheir tablets all of them place wasmobbed when I walked in so I wasn’tgoing to do a video and I sat down andbefore I get cozy for the night I saidlet me see what’s going on in theindustry and I turned on Pete and I washaha that happened to me so I figured Ishould just give him a shout-out and shehad a link in the description below seeyou soon folks bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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