Wow! Holy Cow! Doordash Youtube Commercial

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Transcript of Youtube video

I’m sitting here doing work on my WordPress website and I was using youtube to look something up and when I went to someone’s video what popped up a door – YouTube commercial here’s what they were targeting that it was a cartoon skit to match their words and the service they are promoting is I guess everybody not just businesses can pre-order but to me they’re targeting

more businesses pre-order four days in advance that’s a game-changer and they tell the customer and use the cartoon skit showing the customer coming out to the car that drivers are not required it is not mandatory for them to deliver to the food to the door now think about this if they’re targeting businesses excuse me and um a business orders four days in advance trees and trees and hero’s and food in excuse me that would be a lot of work for a driver to get that into a business’s office conference room lunch room that’s a lot of work a lot of footwork and probably more than one trip to that office that’s a lot of work there are telling

businesses people that they can pre-order four days in advance assuming they want to target companies and businesses and people are having parties of something that they can pre-order huge orders for the occasion whether it be lunch appreciation for the staff somebody having a party at their house computer you don’t want to need a couple of heroes you need I need a few trays of hot food I need you know six pounds of salads drinks that are very heavy waters you know bottles and cases that are a lot of work so they’re telling the customer will to deliver it to you but you have to come out and get the food why because then they would have to pay that drivers lot more because that’s a lot of work there’s really not much more to say

about it I was like I was going to record it and I stopped it immediately and I thought about it I said let’s do a- pay for the own marketing why should Igive them what should i market for them and I find it amusing how they’re trying to you know they really China they wantbig orders make that big money so theykeep your tips big but then that’s why they want the customer to come out and pick up their food from the car you’llcome across it if you’re on YouTube whatviewers like me you’ll see thatcommercial okay I’ll see you soon guys bye bye

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