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Reuse Your Videos To Earn More

Repurpose Your Old Youtube Videos

I’m a Youtube creative, a Youtube partner, and a WordPress website developer. I earn Adsense revenue from showing ads on my Youtube channels and on my websites.

After doing research, I learned using audio transcribed content derived from my videos helped me bang out webpages faster. How? Create a new webpage to include the audio-video transcript. Using the Youtube automatic generated audio transcript can help you broaden your website presence. The more webpages you have floating around the web speaking about different topics, the better the odds of you earning more money. If you’re a Youtube partner, you already show ads on your channel. The more visitors you receive, the more money you can make. The odds increase. The more webpages you create, the more webpages will have Adsense ads on them. Each webpage can include one of your videos, the audio-video transcription, and an Adsense ad.

The Youtube automated audio-video transcriber does not write out your words perfectly. Half the transcription looks like gibberish unless you speak slow, very clear, and actually, say the word period to end a sentence. The purpose of using the transcribed content is to utilize all the work you have created to give you more of an opportunity to earn income. I’m not suggesting produce subpar work. What I am suggesting is create basic webpages that will eventually get indexed into the Search Engines. Take the time to figure out a format to follow. After you create the first webpage, you can duplicate it. By duplicating it, all you have to do is replace the video and the transcribed content. Can you understand how combining your created work can benefit you more?

I recorded a video to show how to duplicate webpages fast. The video is not listed on Youtube, but it is viewable here. I did that for a reason. If people decided to visit to watch the video, that tells me people are truly interested in learning how to earn income online. I worked hard to learn how to use WordPress to develop a website of my own. Why would I share my knowledge and experience with people who don’t take the time to visit? I’m building a place on the web that people will think of when they want to learn more about developing an online business. I’m working hard to gain repeat visitors. I hope you enjoy the video. Good luck.

Each link below will bring you to a webpage. Each webpage includes a video and the transcription of the video. Following my lead is a unique way to reuse your older videos, creatively expand your online presence, and organically increase visitors, leads, ad revenue, and sales. If you are willing to do the work, you deserve to reap the rewards.