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Health Insurance Fitness Reimbursement Program

Of course, staying fit and healthy helps with living a more balanced lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what the weight or size a person is, exercise is the key to feeling more energetic.

Many health insurances offer a fitness reimbursement program. If you are not sure if your health insurance company offers a fitness reimbursement program, take the time to call or look it up on their website.

Here is an example. The health insurance plan I pay for (I pay my own health insurance), will reimburse me up to $200.00 if I go to a fitness center or gym 50 times within a 6-month period. The qualifying fitness center or gym must have at least two pieces of equipment or one program. Examples are elliptical cross-trainer, group exercise, pool, rowing machine, squash/tennis/racquetball courts, stationary bike, step machine/climber, treadmill, or walking/running group.

To receive the $200.00 reimbursement, I must supply a copy of my membership bill and supply a printed log of my gym visits. Most fitness centers and gyms supply a printed out log.

After learning that my health plan offered a fitness reimbursement, it motivated me more to hit the gym more often. I can receive two $200.00 fitness reimbursements per year. The total comes to $400.00 a year of fitness reimbursement. The total reimbursements cover pays for two months of health insurance premiums. Sweet!

I have Fidelis Care Silver Metal-Level health insurance plan and the plan includes a gym or fitness-center reimbursement.

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