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Observa App Gig Jobs

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21st century technology has opened new doors of income opportunities, and the options are easily accessible on mobile devices. App Gig jobs are in huge demand. Why? Because companies can bypass paying employee taxes and health insurance benefits and still have job tasks executed.

The above paragraph might sound harsh, but it is today’s reality. More companies are trying to cut expenses and if a company can supply what is in demand without paying more than they have to; they will by trimming costs. Companies know people are looking for more ways to earn extra income around a busy schedule. That is where App gig jobs come into play. A person can download an App on their smartphone and tap or swipe on an App. That is all it takes to accept an available job or to become available to work. App gigs allow people an opportunity to earn extra income around their busy schedule.

Have you heard of Observa? Observa is an App that lists jobs people can complete on their own time and while on the go. Companies reach out to Observa to find people who want to complete audits, secret surveys, take pictures, check product availability, pricing, promotions, and to see what the competition is doing. Companies seek real-time evaluation of their property or products and are willing to pay people to get on-site to gather the information. Companies want human actions to bring real-time insights. Observa freelancers provide real-time insight into companies retail sales and marketing efforts. A company wants to see what a customer sees when they decide to buy or not buy.

Observa – Click Here – Visit iVueit

Are you Interested? Watch the video below to get an inside view to the iVueit App. It’s easy to download, easy to find and jobs, and quick to get paid. iVueit is an App opportunity to earn extra income. The App gig industry is expanding fast

Observa – Click Here – Visit iVueit

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