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Adding a google Adsense custom search engine to a website help increase earned revenue? Well, it can’t hurt. Adding a search feature for visitors to search without needing to leave a website to search, adds engaging value, and increases the odds of generating more revenue.

The theory of adding search engines onto a website to increase a website’s bottom line is only a theory of mine. I’m an Adsense Publisher who earns daily residual income from placing Adsense ads on my websites and blogs. The more I write, the more Adsense ads receive views from my website’s visitors. The goal is to get visitors to click on ads that interest them. Offering a custom search engine field to a website for visitors to continue to browse the web can help to generate more revenue. A visitor leaving a website to use another browser to search the web is not a website owner’s goal, however; if a visitor decides to leave a website for more information, why not get paid for leading a visitor to more information. When a visitor uses the Adsense custom search engine and clicks on one of the search engine results, the Adsense Publisher gets paid for producing the lead.

Adsense custom search engines add value to a website, but before an Adsense Publisher grabs the code to add it to their website, the custom search engine must be customized. It’s essential to set up the custom search engine to match the visitor’s search words or phrases. The goal is to offer the best-matching search results. By doing so can entice a person to click, and from my experience, visitors who decide to use the custom search from my website and click on a search result pays pretty well.

I recorded a video showing how I create an Adsense custom search engine. I set up custom search engines to match topics to use one custom search engine on many webpages instead of creating a custom search engine for each webpage on my websites. The theory is simple to follow. Learn early on to set up custom search engines to match many webpage topics, so in the future, you will not have to redo the setting up of the custom search engines again. Work smarter from the start to not work harder later.

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