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Earning money from advertising ads on a website developer website is an opportunity for creators to gain financially. A website developer who writes content has the chance to generate daily residual income from their work. The more content that gets written, the more webpages get produced. The more content-filled webpages, the better the odds of a website to attract visitors. If advertisers find a website’s real-estate valuable, the more advertisers will compete for the real-estate. The advertisers compete to get their ad in front of a website’s visitors. Advertisers who compete for real-estate space pay more. The more valuable a website, the more a company will pay. Companies will bid higher to get their ads shown on a platform if they feel there is a chance to gain a customer. The more a company pays for website real-estate, the more an Ad Publisher gets paid.

There are many Publisher programs a website developer can use to rent out their website’s real-estate. However, the company this article speaks about is the Google Adsense Publisher program that launched in March 2003. The Google AdSense program’s original name was the Content Targeting Advertising program. The Google Adsense Publisher program continues to evolve into a more user-friendly platform even though the Google Adsense Publisher program, in my opinion, is and always has been the grandfather of all Publisher programs. As of now, no company can outrank them in service and popularity.

Adsense offers four advertisement styles. Display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads, and Link ads.

Display Ads – An all-rounder ad style that fits great almost anywhere. By default, Display ads are responsive which means they automatically adapt their size to fit your page layout and your users’ devices.

In-Feed Ads – Flow naturally inside a feed (for example, a list of articles or products) offering a great user experience.

In-Article Ads – Fit seamlessly in between the paragraphs of your pages for an enhanced reading experience.

Link Ads – Are responsive by default, which means they automatically adapt their size to fit your page layout and your users’ devices.

Adsense offers Auto-Ads too. One piece of code is placed on all pages across a website, and then Adsense will automatically place ads where they would most likely perform the best.

How would someone become an Adsense publisher? It did not happen overnight for me. I started blogging using a content writing platform known as Hubpages. I would write articles at Hubpages, and over time I followed their instructions to join Adsense. I had no idea what I was doing, but I continued to write to gain experience. Hubpages directed me to the Google Adsense publisher program. Hubpages is like a middle-man that links content writers to Google Adsense. Hubpages takes a cut of any Adsense revenue generated from their content writers. Many Hubpage content writers earn passive monthly income from their articles. Now you might be asking yourself, why did you stop writing at Hubpages if I was earning residual income? As I continued to learn, I realized that I wanted to learn how to build websites. The more I understood, the more I wanted to do business with Adsense directly. I wanted to become a seasoned Adsense publisher. I took the time to learn how to generate the code to place ads on my platform. Learning how to do it myself allowed me to earn more Adsense revenue. I rid the middle-man. I still write content, but now I have the freedom to be more creative, and I don’t have to give up a percentage of the revenue I generate.

Of course, there were many ups and downs I experienced before I got here. I joined Hubpages in 2009. Since then, I’ve joined other revenue sharing websites, used bloggers, used website builders, became a Youtube partner, used other publisher programs, tapped into third party publisher programs like commission junction, and I’ve become an Amazon Affiliate. The experience I’ve gained by working with other companies has turned me into a seasoned Internet entrepreneur. Soon I’ll be able to take my online business up a level, and it’s because the more I expand my websites, the more companies I can join to sell products and services, and most importantly, continue to write content. The more content I write and the more webpages I create allows me to show more company advertisements. Internet entrepreneurs who know how to attract visitors to a website become a valuable asset to companies. Companies use Google Adsense to find the best fitting real-estate space for their ads to be shown. The better of a website builder you can become, the more daily money you can earn from showing ads on your websites.

Google Ads Inside View To My Adsense Account

In the video below, I give an inside view to my Google Adsense account. You can see the four styles Google Adsense has available to their publishers. Get in the know.

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