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Modern technology has opened new doors of income opportunities, and the options are easily accessible on mobile devices. App Gig jobs are in huge demand. Why? Because companies can bypass paying employee taxes and health insurance benefits and still have job tasks executed for monetary profit.

The above paragraph might sound harsh, but it is today’s reality. More companies are trying to cut expenses and if a company can supply what is in demand without paying more than they have to; they will by trimming costs. Companies have practiced replacing older high paid employees with younger staff to pay lower wages for decades. It is a known practice among the working-class man. Job security is for the young who are not on the high pay scale.

OK, I went off course a little bit, however, what I write is true. The more companies who test-drive merchandising apps and realize they work, more companies will follow the lead. What does that mean? It means more app gig work will become available. Workers are needed to audit displays, set up displays, check price tags, stock shelves, product demonstrate, and more of the like. Many of the jobs done in house to high paid employees are now getting replaced with Independent Freelancers. Independent Freelancers pay their taxes, health insurance, and get the job done. If one freelancer is not available, another freelancer will be ready to accept the gig job. As long as the job gets done and done right, companies will continue to embrace the App Gig economy.

It’s easy to jump on board. All a person has to do is download an App, create an account, create a profile, and every day open the app to review gigs. The more you work, the better you will become. The more jobs you complete, the more familiar you’ll become with on-site management and employees. The more experienced you become, the competent you’ll become.

This website specifically speaks about Merchandising Jobs. CLICK HERE to join, browse, accept gigs, work, and get paid. Workaround your schedule. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, there probably are jobs available for you. Use code: michellecXSRG

Audits: Enter data and take photos of our clients’ products and promotions you find in stores.
Merchandising: Set up promotional displays, restock shelves, add stickers to products, and more. Some of these require us to ship materials to you.
Resets: Remove old products and replace them with new ones during your 4-8 hour shift.
Product Demos: Complete 3-5 hour product demonstrations.
Brand Ambassador / Sell-Ins: Build brand and product awareness and help store managers place orders. These usually require you to print materials.

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