Make Money Online through Website Monetization

The inventiveness of earning money utilizing the Internet is genius.  The concept has opened doors to new opportunities for people to benefit monetarily.  Outside the box thinkers who see advancements in technology as an opportunity to secure financial stability.

It all started for me when I learned about Google Adsense.  The thought of a company as big as Google giving the public a chance to grow their business with them, excited me.  Giving people the opportunity to be a part of their vision of building the largest content target advertising company, is something most people can not do on their own.  Google launched its AdSense program, originally named Content Targeting Advertising in March 2003.

I’ve had many ups and downs when trying to earn steady daily income using Google Adsense but now I’m moving up.  Slow and steady wins the race.

How would someone become a Google Adsense Publisher? A person must create an online presence.  Where would one start? They could join a revenue sharing website and write articles, blog, build a website or start a Youtube channel.

I knew nothing about using the web to create an online presence that would eventually earn me money.  I started working online and joined a revenue sharing website, then started blogging using blogger by Google, then practiced building websites which led me here and then opened a Youtube channel.  A hobby turned into a passion which led me to want to learn more to build more to earn more.

All I can do is share my true life story with you.  As I continue to push forward, I learned in order to have full control of my online business, I needed to learn how to do it all.  I do not want to pay website developers, graphic designers, ghost writers, marketers nor video creators.  Also, I did not want to pay into a monthly multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.  Well, I feel multi-level marketing practices to be a scheme.

Doing business directly with Google Adsense rids a middleman who really is not needed.  I’ve done business with other Publisher programs and most had to partner up with Google Adsense.  Why?  Because they can not compete.  In my opinion, Google Adsense is the Godfather of all online Advertising Publisher programs.

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