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Is it possible to use the Internet to earn income? Yes, it is. Is it possible to set up streams of income that generate passive online income? Yes, it is. Is it possible to set up income streams without paying a monthly fee to a middleman or business? Yes, it is. Is it possible to earn money online without skills, knowledge, or experience? I feel it is not. The scammy marketing tactics of dishonest Internet millionaires who become millionaires proclaiming that it is possible to generate thousands of dollars a month online without skills or experience are bullshiters. They are the hunters selling hope and information and get thousands of people to pay to follow a few steps that earn them hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

My name is Michelle Cesare, and I’m glad you came across my website. I’m an average person who believed I could earn thousands of dollars a month simply by following a few steps. However, following the few steps to a claimed proven system that can generate money only made the creator of the proven program a lot of money. I finally realized that I must learn the skills needed to set up income streams on the Internet, and so I did. Fifteen years in the making and still learning and creating. The only path to online success is to decide if building online income streams is something you want to do now and in the future. I’m an average person who taught herself how to use WordPress and continues learning dozens of other skills to create something of her own. I now earn daily residual income from the work I’ve uploaded to the web.

Of course, this is the short version of my success story. If you would like to follow me to watch how I continue to increase the daily residual income generated from my creative online work, visit often and follow me on one of the few YouTube channels I run. I share a ton of free valuable information. There are many different paths a person can follow to start earning money online, offline and investing.

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