I Support John Deaton and XRP Investors

XRP retail investors need your help Congress. Because of the corrupt actions of William Hinman, innocent XRP investors are now in a ruinous position in their investment in XRP. XRP investors understand the use case of Ripple’s native token and are aware of the loss they will endure if no investigation of Mr. Hinman’s action happens.

I’m asking Congress to review Empower Oversight’s gathered evidence of Mr. Hinman’s dishonest actions of ignoring clear directives from the Ethics office to not meet with a list of entities in which he had a direct financial interest. SEC’s internal emails show Mr. Hinman communicating and repeatedly meeting with an entity from which he received millions of dollars while in office, including on the same day that entity had IPO business before his division.

I’m a retail XRP investor waiting patiently on the sidelines for Congress to begin the process of the needed investigation of Mr. Hinman’s actions.

I’m here to show support and gratitude to John Deaton, who is suing the SEC because the SEC is suing Ripple. Mr. Deaton’s selflessness offers his time and expertise to help protect innocent XRP retail investors.


Letter to Congress to support John Deaton – https://youtu.be/7Ku53vrRhts

I’ve been writing a weekly letter to Congress to help support John Deaton.

XRP Digital Asset
XRP Digital Asset

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