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Please  please  do not use my name if you share this,

I want to share the information I have received.  This information is almost secret.  My fiance has a cousin that works at Doordash in San Francisco. Her role in the company is an Engineering data scientist. The last few weeks Doordash has changed as we all know. While I was venting to my fiance she told me I can call my cousin maybe she can help. She called her cousin told her that she wanted to become a dasher and try to see if any help. I listened in on the conversation listening to her explain the pros and cons of a dasher.  She said the following.
Doordash drivers are now put on idle status for 10-30 minutes after each dash if there are too many dashers. The rating system is rigged based on 100 most recent deliveries vs offers vs completed it is actually based on 200 deliveries 100+ vs 100 –  In other words your score only goes up based on 200 but your score goes down based on 100. 

DD has a goal over the next year to get their deliveries down to $1.25 per delivery.  They have plans over the next year to roll out a new Visual delivery where the customer can see us through the camera on our phones. They feel it will lead them above all other delivering platforms.  The customer tip is based on a 9% tip system and when the tip is larger than the app suggests the use that delivery for long-distance delivery.  In other words, you will never see a $25 delivery in a 3-mile delivery. She also spoke how in 2 years they are rolling out autonomous vehicles in test areas   I believe that might be by  Drones.

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