Header Footer Code Manager

Free WordPress plugin to add snippets of code without actually coding.

The Header Footer Code Manager WordPress plugin lets you add custom code to a WordPress website without editing the theme files directly.

With the Header Footer Code Manager plugin, users can easily add snippets of code to the header or footer of their website without advanced coding skills or access to the theme files. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface allowing users to paste in their code snippets, select where they want them to appear, and save their changes.

Additionally, the plugin allows users to set conditions for when their code snippets should appear, such as only on specific pages, blog posts, or only for certain types of users. Perfect for implementing A/B testing, customizing site functionality, or adding tracking codes.

Overall, the Header Footer Code Manager WordPress plugin is a powerful tool for managing custom code snippets on a WordPress website, making it easy to add, edit, and remove code without modifying the website’s theme files directly.

If you are a beginner at using WordPress and plugins and feeling daunted by the learning curve, getting over the hurdle of learning how to use them will save you hours in the future, and you will start to enjoy using them. Once you understand the value a good plugin gives you, you will appreciate the functionality of a plugin’s efficiency.

To help you understand how to use the Header Footer Code Manager plugin, I screen-recorded a video to show how to set up a Snippet of code to get added to several blog posts. Once the snippet of code gets set up, each time you post a blog post or webpage about a similar topic, with just one click, you can add a blog post or webpage to the snippet of code, and the snippet of code will get added to the blog post or webpage.

HFCM Header Footer Code Manager

Learning how to use Plugins will save you a lot of time and energy. Get more done in less time.

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