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Launch your own grocery delivery service.

Dumpling offers no value and will not help you get clients/customers. You will promote their app, pay them to use their app, and won’t list you in their Market Place GEO Search unless you shop for at least one client a month. It takes time and effort to gain clients, and many newbies need time make it happen. Dumpling’s job is to provide you the platform to run your business/service. If you must do all the work yourself, why pay a middle-person while you work your butt off getting your shopping business off the ground? Buy your own BLANK app and start a shopping business.

This blog posts shares my experience paying Dumpling to use their Dumpling boss app. Please form your own opinion.

This blog posts shares my experience paying Dumpling to use their Dumpling boss app. Please form your own opinion.

The purpose of the Dumpling app is to have clients/customers create a shopping list. However, the Dumpling app does not supply a store’s

People who choose to pay, pay to use a blank empty app. It is your job to train clients how to use the app and how to add products to the app.

dumpling boss app

Gig Nation was wrong about the dumpling boss shopping app.
Why I decided to dump dumpling.

At the start of 2017, I started working the gig apps to make money. Hi, my name is Michelle Cesare, and I live in Nassau County, Long Island. I was one of the first DoorDash Dashers and UberEats delivery people in the Long Island area to use the apps to pick up and deliver food to earn income.

As time passed, I joined InstaCart, and a fellow LongIslander showed me how to use the InstaCart platform. Shopping for others to make money on my timetable added to my weekly income.

Fast forward to 2021, I learned about Dumpling. Dumpling is an application used to run a shopping service of your own. However, it is your time and energy to build up a client list of repeat business. Dumpling gives you marketing materials to promote your service, but you will be advertising the Dumpling business model for free while using the Dumpling marketing materials. It does not matter if you succeed. You will be working for free to promote their business model of earning revenue.

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The Dumpling app does not supply store inventory. If you give a lot of time to get your shopping business off the ground, you might as well purchase or build a blank app and write it off as a business expense. Stop working for free to make someone else rich.

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