Gig Workers Tax Deductions

Learn how to pay fewer taxes to keep more of the income you earn.

I started gig working in 2017. Working the gig apps to earn extra income helped me pay off bad debt and make money to buy groceries and gas without using a credit card. That is how it started for me.

While I worked in the field, I met and got to know people who, like me, were working the apps to get ahead, and what I learned about most was that they did not track the miles they drove to earn money. If a gig worker does not track miles to deduct the miles on their tax return, a person accepting gig jobs works for free. Deducting miles driven while working gig apps help people pay fewer taxes at tax time.

Pay less taxes to keep more of the income you earn.

Tax Business Expenses Gig Workers

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Gig jobs offered through UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and InstaCart, to name a handful, don’t pay fair wages (gig workers depend on tips), don’t deduct Social Security or Medicare tax, and most don’t inform you that you can list Instant Cashout Fees as a business expense. People working the gig apps must learn about tax deductions and understand that they must pay Social Security and Medicare. Many gig workers don’t know they are working and putting themselves in a poor financial position.

I’m a gig worker classified as an Independent Contractor who started to use software programs to do her taxes. Taking the time to learn how to do my taxes has taught me how to pay fewer taxes which helps to increase my income. I earn more income than most gig workers because I learned about AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) tax deduction, deducting the miles I drive, and deducting the Instant cash out fees as a business expense. I watched the software tax estimator lower my Federal taxes by a couple of thousand dollars.

If you are a gig worker and want to learn how to pay fewer taxes at tax time, take the time to listen to the video to understand how gaining more of a financial education can help you keep more of the income your earn.

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