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Find a shopper to deliver your groceries.

If you need to find a shopper near you, I suggest downloading the InstaCart or Shipt app, placing an order (no matter the size), and getting your goods delivered within a few hours. The business model for getting groceries delivered for convenience works.

InstaCart and Shipt choose to do business together. They collaborate to increase sales and boost revenue while providing convenience to their loyal customers.

The story shared in this article discusses my experience and my opinion. Form your own opinion.

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The dumpling Boss app is a blank app.

The dumpling app does not supply a store’s inventory. Customers must add items one by one.

Many shopping applications are trying to break out into the industry. However, major food chains do business with specific shopping apps to work together. Major food chains list on their websites and apps the shopping apps people can use to order groceries. The stores want their loyal customers who can not physically make it into the store to know they can still have their favorite brands delivered to them. Using apps approved by the stores is recommended.

I’m a gig worker who has tried to use shopping apps not associated with or endorsed by a store. Entering stores without a store’s permission to use their store placed me in an awkward position. Management questioned my purpose for shopping using an app not approved by the company and took legal action against the app I was paying to use to shop for people. The app was using a store without their permission. The people paying to use an unapproved app lost a lot of business, time, energy, and money.

Because of my hands-on experience of being taken for a fool, I have learned how legitimate business collaborations work. I suggest if you decide to start a shopping business of your own, take the time to speak with a store manager or write to the store to introduce yourself and get approval before you use a grocery store to start a shopping business on your own. You need consent to use another’s property to gain financially.

After my experience of working with third-party apps to make money, when I decide to shop through an app or online, I would choose to have a store associate shopping for my groceries. Why? Because I feel a store associate would take more pride in the service provided. Of course, some third-party shoppers use care when shopping for people. However, because of my experience with shopping using third-party apps, I’ve witnessed many third-party shoppers not care at all. Their goal is to get the job done as fast as possible, don’t use insulated bags lined with ice, and don’t spare a few minutes to bag with care. An in-store shopper represents a company they work for and must uphold specific customer service practices. It’s not just about making money. It is about presenting a company’s brand.

The third-party apps I paid to use to try and start a shopping business are empty. The apps do not supply a store’s inventory. Customers must enter items manually. Entering items one by one is not time-saving and has frustrated people who tried to place a grocery order using a blank app. Customers go back to online store shopping, InstaCart, or Shipt.

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2 thoughts on “Find a Shopper Near You”

  1. Dumpling IS NOT A BLANK APP. You are spreading misinformation by saying that Dumpling doesn’t provide a stores inventory. They don’t supply EVERY store’s inventory. They have a small staff (who actually care about people), and are working to add the inventories of the stores they don’t yet have. They have MOST stores in my area already.
    As far as saying not all stores accept the BOSS card. Trader Joe’s is the only store that doesn’t, as far as I know. Anywhere else that accepts Visa, will take the BOSS card.
    Using Dumpling and paying $29 a month is worth it, if only for the benefit of having Dumpling fund my orders and handle all of the financial aspects of orders.
    It isn’t hard to stay on the Dumpling marketplace. One order a month.
    I don’t know why you keep saying you were working for free. You set your prices with Dumpling & are paid by your clients, so how are you working for free?!
    I don’t know why you are so angry. My experience with Dumpling has been very positive.

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