Google Search Engine produces billions of results.

Taking surveys to earn extra income is nothing to laugh about.  There are people who earn steady extra income, earn gift cards, and win prizes for sharing their opinions.  Companies seek out individuals to voice their opinions and they are more than happy to compensate people for their time.

Whether you use a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, you can take surveys in the comfort of your home or on the go.

My name is Michelle Cesare and I’m the creator of  To this day I still take the occasional survey.  As one example of payment, I receive Amazon Gift Cards.  I’ll get paid with virtual Amazon Gift Cards and transfer them to my Amazon account.  99% the Amazon Gift Cards don’t expire and that allows me to let the Amazon Gift Cards accumulate and then I shop at Amazon.  Many survey websites will give you a choice of payment method.

Below is a list of websites that you can join for FREE to start taking online surveys.

TIP:  If you’re serious about taking surveys to make money, I suggest you create a brand new email address.  You can start fresh by receiving all survey invites to one email address.  Creating a new email address will save you a lot of time by making it super easy for you to view and open survey invites.  The more survey websites you join, the more survey invites you will receive.  The more survey invites you to receive also increases your chance to qualify for taking surveys.  After a while, you will also learn that checking your survey email address frequently will give you an upper-edge to know when new survey invites become available before they reach their quota. – Earn real money for taking market research surveys.  Available to the citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.  Click Here to join for free. – Take surveys and get paid real money.  SurveySavvy accepts members from all over the globe.  Click Here to join for free. – Free to join to earn real cash.  Targeted to the United States and other English speaking countries will receive most offers but people from other countries can join too. continues to branch out.  Click Here to join for free. – Been around for a long time.  Lots of surveys available.  Payment options are eCards, prepaid visa, and by check.  Click Here to join for free. – Take surveys, earn points then spend points on Rewards.  Click Here to join for free. – If you don’t qualify for a survey, FushionCash will pay you $.0.01.  I don’t know any other survey website that pays you something/anything for not qualifying for a survey.  Something is better than nothing.  Click Here to join for free.

Open emails View emails Get Paid – Receive emails to read and get paid to do it.
Click Here
 to join for free.

Recruit Affiliates

People who use the Internet to earn extra income doing what they enjoy doing.  There are people who enjoy taking surveys, listening to music, watch video ads and movie trailers, freelance, and sell products and services.  Also, there are people who are Youtube Partners, Adsense Publishers, Publishers, Commission Junction Affiliates, LinkShare Affiliates, and Amazon Affiliates just to name a handful.  The opportunities to generate online income are truly endless.

This webpage talks about the topic of recruiting referrals to generate residual income.  One example of how to recruit is to join a few of your favorite websites, learn how they work to actually do what they are willing to pay you to do.  THEN, you can browse to find your personal Referral Link and promote that link to recruit referrals.  After a recruited referral becomes active, you earn from your referrals activity or earn a flat rate.  Some websites even offer tiers and over time that can add up to steady residual monthly income.

Why would a person seeking to recruit new members to share this information?  This is my unique way of giving back.  It is my pleasure to help people who take action to help themselves.  It’s that simple.  I literally can guide thousands of people to learn how to earn money online, and I will still reach my financial goals.  Because of the endless open opportunities, the Internet has available, the word ‘goal’ turned into a plural.  You gotta love it.

The Links below are linked to websites that offer Affiliate programs and all are free to join.  Good Luck.

Click Here to join for free –

Click Here to join for free –

Click Here to join for free –

Click Here to join for free –

Click Here to join for free –

Click Here to join for free –

Reward Codes – You can follow Vindale’s blog and social media pages to find reward codes.  Search for challenges, alerts and reward codes that are worth cash.  You’re browsing around social media anyway so why not earn a little extra at the same time.

Watch Videos Get Paid

That’s right.  Companies are willing to pay you to watch video advertisements, movie trailers and the like.  Why?  Because it is a unique guarantee way for any business to get their ads in front of potential buyers. – Join for free and look for a “Videos” tab on your Surveys page.  Click Here to join for free. – An amazing free to join opportunity to watch ads to earn real cash.  Click Here to join for free. – Many video topics to choose from.  Click Here to join for free. – At, you can watch different playlists at the same time.  You can earn points faster by watching videos on a desktop, laptop, and tablet all at the same time.  If you have the setup, why not?  As long as the advertiser ad gets viewed, will let earn points.  Click Here to join for free. – Another free to join an opportunity that rewards you for viewing video ads.  Advertisers are willing to pay companies to recruit viewers.  A percentage of viewers become future customers.  It is a win for the advertiser, the recruiting company, and for the viewer.  Click Here to join for free.

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