There are websites and search engines that will pay you to use their search engine.  Think about how many times a day, week and month you search for information online.  Think about how many times you sign in to your favorite websites and social media accounts.  Why not earn points from actions you already do online?  It takes some discipline to sign into a website or search engine to search or sign into your favorite websites and social media accounts, but after a while doing so will become second nature.  Points accumulate fast. – Sign into your account to do your daily searches.  You earn points every time you complete a genuine search.  Points add up fast.  Click Here to join free. – Yup, Bing awards credits to use their search engine.  Then you can spend the credits on rewards.  Bing believes that their search engine is Google’s major competitor.  And in my opinion, I believe Bing gives Google a run for their money.  I set Bing as my default web search engine.  Now I earn points daily without thinking about it.  As long as Bing rewards me with credits, I’ll continue to use their search engine.

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