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Michelle Cesare Long Island dumpling personal shopper
Long Island dumpling shopper

Stop paying unnecessary fees. Hire a small business owner who helps support local businesses.

I shop for people who don’t like to shop, who don’t have time to shop, and who can not shop for themselves.

Dumpling personal shoppers are small business owners. I’m a dumpling business owner working to gain repeat business to earn steady income providing quality customer service.

Apartment Building Deliveries Guidelines – Please Watch Video – Copy & Paste Link or Click https://youtu.be/88CDkd63ft4

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The perks of hiring a dumpling personal shopper are………..

  • Pay in-store prices. Products never get marked up AND client gets a copy of the receipt.
  • No monthly/annual membership fees.
  • No credit card processing fees.
  • Minimal dumpling platform fee of 5%. Minimal fee compared to third-party Apps like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, Shipt, Spark, and Instacart.
  • Hire the same personal shopper OR shoppers instead of NOT knowing who is shopping for you.
  • Personal dumpling shoppers learn about your shopping habits, seek out sales of your favorite products, and inform you of products you love that are often out-of-stock so you can stock up.
  • Receive a store’s in-store sales and or promotions as if you were shopping for yourself.
  • Your “Store Reward Card” or phone number to get you the in-store sale price or promotion.
  • Dumpling personal shoppers are small business owners who pay rent to use the dumpling App.
  • I’m not an Independent contractor using a third-party App. I’m an entrepreneur who pays to use the dumpling App to run a small business. Stop paying UNNECESSARY fees. Hire a small business owner who helps support local businesses.
  • Thank you for considering me as your Long Island dumpling personal shopper.
  • Insulated bags lined with ice packs are used to keep food cold while shopping and when transported.
  • Visit my dumpling profile link to download the App and learn about stores and prices. https://shop.dumpling.us/michelle26

Visit my dumpling Professional Profile link to learn what stores I shop at and the fee I charge.
Copy & Paste link or click link to visit – https://shop.dumpling.us/michelle26

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