Dumpling App Shopping Business

Run a shopping business of your own. Become a small business owner.

The dumpling application helps connect shoppers to clients. Instead of working with third-party applications that overcharge customers with fees and markup product prices, use the dumpling application to run a shopping business of your own.

Business Customization
1: Use the dumpling BOSS application to customize your business services.
2: Set your prices.
3: Choose the stores you want to shop in.
4: Customizable schedule, with hour time blocks.

Everyday Business Tools
1: Client and lead management.
2: View upcoming and previous orders.
3: Interactive grocery list to shop orders.

Coaching and Training
1: Dumpling University.
2: Office hour calls led by experienced business owner coaches.
3: One-on-One Coaching.
4: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running a Small Business

Back Office Support
1: In-store SOS for real-time support.
2: Fraud detection.
3: Boss account support.
4: Friendly troubleshooting order issues.

Marketing and Promotional Tools
1: Personalized webpage.
2: Smart promotional tools to boost earnings.
3: Led generating via the Dumpling Marketplace for eligible businesses.
4: SMS (Short Messaging Service) client invitation tool.
5: Business Cards

Client Engagement
1: Automated in-app messaging to engage clients.
2: In-app messaging for communication before, during, and after an order.
3: Opt-in to dumpling-created emails to stay to-of-mind for leads and clients.

Client Experience Tools
1: The dumpling app to optimize hour client’s experience.
2: Store catalogs for many popular stores.
3: Clients can enter any store that accepts Visa.
4: Custom item tool that allows clients to add any item to their shopping list.

Financial Support
1: Pre-funded credit card.
2: Fraud protection.
3: Instant payout option.
4: Secure payment processing for clients.

dumpling app backend

Inside view of the backend of a dumpling boss account.

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