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Blockchain and crypto go together, and without Blockchain, there is no crypto. Blockchain, open-source ledgers, crypto, tokens, and stable coins are here to stay.

Crypto Wallet Addresses and Blockchain

The future of the monetary system is crypto. Digital crypto wallet transactions and open-source ledgers will become used globally. It’s already happening, and I’m someone who has downloaded crypto Apps and crypto wallets to adjust using them as a form of payment.

Digital wallets are virtual wallet addresses. Money transactions move from one wallet address to another, so there is no need to use dollar bills or coins. For decades, dollar bills and coins have been gradually getting removed from circulation.

At the beginning of 2020, I started to use virtual digital wallets. I understood that I needed to learn to adjust to a new way of using money. It hit me when I began to use my debit card to pay for products. I found myself using physical cash less and less. I then moved up to using Apple Pay, and for me, there was a learning curve. After I got comfortable using Apple Pay, I started to study to learn more about crypto, crypto Apps, and crypto-wallets. That is when I realized the transition to virtual digital currency was already happening, and it was the moment I understood a new monetary system was going to take over. When I noticed a new asset class was soon to be used by the masses and that the transfer of wealth was about to happen, I saw that as the opportunity to invest in crypto. If you want to read more about my journey to crypto investing, click here to read more.

Let me get back to the topic of digital wallets. I’ve been downloading crypto Apps to move crypto around, and I’ve been doing so to get used to doing it. The option of paying for products and services using crypto is happening. Brand name chains linked to many crypto Apps and more are following the lead. Syncing reward cards, gift cards, and bank accounts to convert rewards, points, or cash to crypto will soon become second nature by the masses and globally accepted.

Crypto App List

Click Here to open an account with Coinbase – Coinbase was the first cryptocurrency exchange I joined. I find Coinbase to be user-friendly and appreciate the news articles and videos listed in the “For You” section. As of now, Coinbase lets its members earn free crypto by watching educational videos. Coinbase also has a free to use App wallet too.

Click Here to purchase a Ledger – Ledger is a cold storage wallet. – Learning about a monetary system that will soon become the new money system requires study, learning, and adoption. After buying crypto using Coinbase, I figured out I needed to protect the crypto I was buying. I decided to buy a Ledger. I use Ledger Live on my desktop, and I downloaded the Ledger App. I’m now comfortable using the Ledger Live desktop and Ledger Live App. Using crypto wallet addresses has become my forte.

You become a bank when storing crypto on a Ledger cold hardware wallet. You are solely responsible for holding crypto on a cold wallet. It is your responsibility to protect the 24-word passphrase. If you lose the passphrase, you lose your crypto. The future is digital address wallets.

Click Here to open an account with Gemini – Gemini is the third digital wallet App I downloaded. Gemini is a crypto exchange that offers a free digital wallet App. In the App, a person can buy and trade crypto and use the Gemini stable coin to pay at store registers. App users convert their crypto to a Gemini stable coin to pay when shopping in a store. Gemini already has an extensive list of retail stores listed in their App.

The fourth crypto digital wallet I’ve been using is called bakkt. I’m still learning how Bakkt works. However, I’ve added my reward cards to convert reward points to receive a cash code. After receiving a cash code, I can spend the cash at stores using Bakkt cash gift cards. I downloaded the App and using it. I’ll understand more after each time I use it.

Using digital wallets as a form of payment will be accepted everywhere. Every digital wallet transaction will create a unique wallet address, and each digital purchase will get indexed onto an open-source ledger.

As I learn more about crypto wallet Apps, I’ll update the content on this webpage. Getting over the learning curve is the most challenging hurdle. Using the crypto wallet Apps at the start of deployment helps me understand how each crypto App works.

Stay tuned for future updated content.

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