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Have you considered cutting the cable cord to save LOTS of money? Adjusting to streaming TV can help a person save thousands of dollars every year.

When I decided to stop paying high cable prices, I bought a Roku. I purchased the Roku first generation to watch movies, and I loved it. However, I was not able to view live television. When I used the Roku to stream movies, I would use the Internet to watch the news and prime-time TV shows. But how would I watch live TV on my flat-screen TV? I used an HDMI cable to connect my television to my computer. At the time, free live TV was available on the web. I used my computer to browse to a television channel, opened it in a browser, and live TV showed on my flat-screen TV set. I scored. I started to save about $1000.00 a year. I viewed Free live television for three years until the TV stations made online changes. I knew the inevitable was near, but I was disappointed that my lucky streak of viewing live TV for FREE was over.

After losing access to streaming live TV for free, my mom gave me her username and password. I would sign in to the television stations online, and that gave me two more years of watching live TV. It worked. At the time I barely watched TV. Having access to free live TV when I was in the mood was good enough for me. But then the television stations crossed over to preventing people from sharing their username and password by tracking their location. Watching free TV using my mother’s username and password did not work from my home ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, it did work if I signed in via a mobile device. It finally got to a stage of wanting to watch television on my flat-screen TV in my home. I needed to research to find an affordable television service to be able to watch live TV at home on my flat-screen TV, and I did. I watch live TV at home on my flat-screen TV, and I can watch live TV on all of my mobile devices.

When I started to research to find the best deal to watch live TV at any time and anywhere, I already had Youtube TV on my mind. I’m a Youtube creator, and I watch a lot of Youtube videos. Youtube placed ads in front of me introducing their TV service. 70 channels at an affordable flat-rate price of $49.99. I gave it a try and love it. Youtube TV service is a perfect fit for me. I can confirm the Youtube TV service, is a service that gives much more than expected. I get to watch live TV anytime, unlimited DVR (Digital Video Recording) and offers free movies. I can watch TV on my TV, desktop, iPhone, and mobile devices. If you want to save a significant amount of money, I suggest giving Youtube TV a try.

I understand that many households purchase bundle plans. ISP (Internet Service Providers), television, and cellphone service are most popular in a bundle plan. With technology evolving and people adjusting to new ways of buying services, people can save thousands of dollars a year making a few changes. I don’t use a landline phone anymore, so a bundle plan is not necessary. I pay for Optimum online for ISP (Internet Service Provider). I use the ISP to stream TV. I pay for the Optimum ala cart, and I can stream TV anywhere because I use the Youtube TV App. I can watch TV almost anywhere.

tv.Youtube – $49.99 per month.
Optimum – $78.31 per month includes a modem, fees, and taxes.
Cell Phone – $50.00 per month includes voice line and protection plan.
Total – $178.30

I receive ISP wi-fi almost everywhere I go. The cell phone includes unlimited voice, text, and data. Youtube TV is a flat-fee of $49.99.

If you’re a TV enthusiast, you can get more for less if you stream another uprising television service. Philo TV offers 50 channels, 10,000+ hours of TV, live and on-demand, the ability to save as many shows as you want, and the ability to view 3 streams at once. A person can watch from a phone, tablet, computer or TV. Available on Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, iOS, and the web. The price? $20.00 a month.

Evolving technology continues to open new doors to amazing TV streaming services, with a few lifestyle adjustments, a person can save a significant amount of money each month and not feel as if they are missing out on anything.

Thank you for stopping by I hope the information I share helps you save money while you are earning money. Make sure to come back and visit to stay in the know.

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