Digital Currency

Digital currency refers to any form of currency that exists purely in electronic or digital form. Unlike traditional forms of currency, such as paper bills or coins, digital currency operates exclusively in a digital environment, and does not require a physical presence.

Programmable Digital Currency


Congress! Crypto Clarity Please.

Congress! We need cryptocurrency clarity. Today’s antiquated point-of-sale payment systems need to be replaced by Ripple’s payment system. Businesses of all sizes need to cut costs to stay in business. Riding outdated payment systems that charge overpriced fees for small transactions can be done using Ripple’s high-speed payment system that runs on the blockchain. Ripple’s …

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Congress! We need cryptocurrency clarity.

Please Congress. Can you finally start the process of investigation? The chosen corruption of Jay Clayton and William Hinman needs to get resolved. The cryptocurrency ecosystem needs clarity. Huge companies like Visa and Mastercard have synced to Ripples global money transfer service, and I’m a New York retail investor who is not allowed to buy …

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Letter To Congress – I Support John Deaton

Ripple, XRP, cryptocurrencies, and John Deaton support. John Deaton, a managing partner of Deaton Law Firm, is suing the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) suing Ripple. The SEC claims that Christian Larsen, the company’s co-founder, executive chairman of its board, and former CEO, and Bradley Garlinghouse, the company’s current CEO, raised capital to finance Ripple …

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Crypto Support Crypto Law

Letter to Congress to support John Deaton. In 2015, XRP became the first regulated cryptocurrency in the United States. The Department of Justice Civil Division and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) settled with Ripple, declaring XRP convertible virtual currency. Today the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is suing Ripple, claiming that their native token XRP is not virtual …

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ELLIPAL Titan Self-Custody Cold Wallet

Crypto Self-Storage Wallets – Self-Custody Your Cryptocurrency. In my opinion, cryptocurrency will take over the old fiat payment system. The Wikipedia definition of fiat money states fiat money is a type of money not backed by a commodity. A government declares its decree. A formal and authoritative order decides a fiat’s value. The monetary system …

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