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Welcome to the MyIncomeJob.com bulletin board webpage. Here you can view bulletins, notices, and announcements.

What’s to come in the future? This webpage will run raffles. I thought it would be fun. In due time I will run a raffle for website developers, bloggers, and Youtubers to win free advertising. How? As MyIncomeJob.com grows in popularity, I will choose a comment with an URL in it.

URLs not accepted? Affiliate links to products or services. What’s the prerequisite? A website, blog or Youtube video that was created by you. The link must direct a wannabe visitor to a creative created by you. We all must start someplace so beginners don’t fear. If you created it then you can qualify for a chance to win free advertising.

Tip: Do you notice anything missing from this webpage? There are no Adsense Ads. Why? Because it is against Google Adsense policy to show Ads on a webpage that creates artificial views. Because this is a webpage being used as a place to raffle off free advertising, people tend to want to see their own ad is shown or who was the lucky winner. That creates artificial views and Advertisers do not like that. Advertisers don’t only pay for clicks they pay by impressions. So if an ad receives artificial views, the Advertisers don’t appreciate that. If you plan on building an Internet business of your own, this is the kind of knowledge you need.

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There are a few rules to follow to post in the comment section of MyIncomeJob.com. This is a rated G website. I never want to worry about any content being inappropriate. Any comment conversation that supports porn, hate, prejudice, being verbally cruel or negative will get banned. No second chances. No posting URLs linked to multi-level marketing schemes or to individual/singular Affiliate links selling products or services. You CAN post URLs to your blogs, websites, Youtube channels or Social Media accounts/pages/groups and the like.

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