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People who think outside the box see advancement in technology as an opportunity to secure financial stability. Specifically speaking, the use of the Internet. For me, the Internet opened gates to unobtainable paths. Using the Internet as a tool to gain financially was evident. However, how I was going to use it, in the beginning, was not clear.

In the mid-1990s, AOL (America Online) had 3-million users. AOL was a dial-up service that provided web-portal, email, instant messaging, and later a web browser.

In the late 1990s, as a Christmas gift, my parents gave me a computer. I thought they were nuts. I didn’t open the box until July. I remember my parents being upset because I did not seem to appreciate the gift they gave me. Finally, I opened the box, set up the computer, and I knew that the Internet would be a part of my life for the rest of my life. I remember plugging in a telephone cable connected to the computer, and it took about five minutes for the dial-up to connect me to the Internet.

It took me about a year to become comfortable using the Internet. I played games, I browsed, and I started to take surveys. Companies would pay me to share my opinion about their products. Companies would send me free samples, I would use them, and then I would give my opinion. The companies would send me free products and sometimes send me checks. Yes, paper check in the regular mail.

After I became comfortable using the web and learning that companies would pay people to perform tasks, I had a gut-feeling that using the Internet to earn income was probable. Perfecting my online skills led me to enter the world of MLMs, Safelists, and pay-to-earn programs. Two years later, I realized there had to be another way to earn daily residual online income. I was right. In 2008, I joined revenue sharing websites. I would write articles on the revenue sharing website platforms, and they would share the revenue earned with me, and that’s when I learned about the Google Adsense program. That lead me to become an Amazon Affiliate and an Affiliate to other programs. That led me to become a Youtube Partner, which led me to learn how to develop WordPress websites. After learning how to use WordPress, I started writing again. As I continue to push forward, I continue to improve my technology skills. The better I get, the more opportunities become available.

There are two reasons I suggest people work behind the scenes. The first reason is, it probably will take you years to build an online business of substance. Instead of telling people what you are doing, use the energy to create. The second reason is, most people will not support you. From my experience, when I shared my enthusiasm about earning income online with my friends and family, most did not want to hear I was changing for the better. A person must come to terms with leaving an old life behind. Not many people want or can do it.

I support working behind the scenes when building a business of your own. It’s OK to want independent financial security as a plan B (backup plan). If you find yourself feeling defeated, I hope you revisit I’m here for the long term. As I continue to expand, grow, and learn more, I’ll be sharing the information here. Never a fee because the information is free.

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