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Teaching myself how to build two successful wordpress websites to become financially Independent. MyIncomeJob.com & StoreBuy.shop.

Crypto Support Crypto Law

Letter to Congress to support John Deaton. In 2015, XRP became the first regulated cryptocurrency in the United States. The Department of Justice Civil Division and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) settled with Ripple, declaring XRP convertible virtual currency. Today the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is suing Ripple, claiming that their native token XRP is not virtual …

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WordPress Static Pages and Blog Post

Canonical connection helps with search engine optimization. I use WordPress as a website builder and as a blogging platform. The more website and blog post URLs (Universal Resource Locator) listed as non-canonical on search engines will increase the chances of all your websites and blog URLs getting indexed. Getting more URLs indexed to search engines, …

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Build Income Streams Online

Online income streams earns you money. Setting up passive income streams speaking about everyday topics is possible. Article writing, blogging, website building, and uploading videos sharing life’s experiences can earn you daily residual income. The more work produced, the more daily residual income a person can generate. I’m a self-taught Internet entrepreneur. Almost daily, I …

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ELLIPAL Titan Self-Custody Cold Wallet

Crypto Self-Storage Wallets – Self-Custody Your Cryptocurrency. In my opinion, cryptocurrency will take over the old fiat payment system. The Wikipedia definition of fiat money states fiat money is a type of money not backed by a commodity. A government declares its decree. A formal and authoritative order decides a fiat’s value. The monetary system …

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UberEats Tip and Food

Here are the general steps for how to deliver food using the Uber Eats app: Step One:Download the UberEats app on your smartphone and create an account. You will need to provide basic personal information and submit documentation such as your driver’s license and vehicle registration if you plan to make deliveries by car or …

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MyIncomeJob Blog

Income-Jobs-Asset Investing-Stocks-Money-Crypto Wallets Creating MyIncomeJob.com’s website shows people that an average person can learn a new way of earning money. Not only buy assets that appreciate, create assets that appreciate. Giving time for money is the most common way of earning money. People can earn money by setting up their money to work for them …

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