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I decided to buy thousands of shares in futuristic companies. Companies that show they are a part of the technology future. Companies that involve themselves with the technology used by financial institutions, businesses, computer systems, apps, and the general public.

I am not a financial advisor. I’m an average everyday person who shares what she learns and what company stocks she chose to buy.

The information was last updated on September 16, 2021.

Scroll down the webpage to learn about the stocks and crypto I invest in.

I continue to increase my position in most of the companies I choose to invest in. I’m buying more during the EXTENDED DIP. I strongly believe in all the companies I invest in. I believe in their forward-thinking. I look forward to enjoying a huge ROI (Return On Investment). I’m standing strong.

Concerning crypto? I’m hodling.

The information was last updated on September 16, 2021.

I decided not to share how many shares of stock and crypto I own. Why? Because now it’s not just a little bit of money anymore. Five digits have come into play. It’s responsible and necessary to protect my assets.

At the start of 2020, I began to invest in crypto. The direction of money is going digital, and crypto is becoming more adapted every day.

UPDATE: September 16, 2021 – The crypto I own? ICP, UNI, FET, LINK, POLY, REQ, DAI, XRP, XLM, ALGO, MANA, ETH, NU, AMP, FIL, ADA, MATIC, ATOM, REN, ZRX, GRT, CGLD, NMR, ETH, SKL, ANKR, SOL, DOT, COMP, and KEEP. I will continue to increase my crypto portfolio position.

Ellipal. Keep your crypto safe. Go the route of a cold hardware AIR-GAPPED wallet. Visit link:

I also use the Ledger Nano X. The Ledger is a cold hardware wallet.

It took me weeks to learn how to use the cold hardware wallets. I suggest watching videos by Crypto Dad. He shows how to use the cold hardware wallets. He is very good at teaching.
Visit his channel then look up Crypto Dad Ledger and Crypto Dad Ellipal.

Hi. The list below shows the stocks I bought from the New York Stock Exchange. I use Fidelity to buy stocks off of the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). Researching for days led me to a handful of finds that allow an everyday person the chance to buy. Finding low-cost futuristic companies gave me the option to invest in thousands of shares.

#1: Dmg Blockchain Solutions Inc. – Ticker Symbol – DMGGF – OTCMKTS –
My Cost Basis Per Share – $0.34 – A triple thumbs up find. So glad I found it. Sweet!

DMG Files Audited Annual Financial Statements

#2: HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. – Ticker Symbol – HVBTF – OTCMKTS –
I SOLD 354 SHARES. WHY? VISIT VIDEO LINK TO LEARN WHY. Buying and Selling Stocks Is Stressful

#3: Iqstel Inc. – Ticker Symbol – IQST – OTCMKTS –
My Cost Basis Per Share – $0.25 – I feel good luck.

UPDATE: September 16, 2021 IMPRESSIVE! Read all about it.

#4: I Sold This Stock to buy more in other stocks- Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. – BRPHF – OTCM –
My Cost Basis Per Share – $4.87 – The BRPHF is the stock that led me to the three stock investments listed above. I’m so grateful.

#5: Alternet Systems Inc. – ALYI –
I started to buy this stock early in 2020. The company had a bad apple in its group. However, the company made positive changes. My Cost Basis Per Share – $0.02
Stay up-to-date with at

Information Update – ALYI Highlights Strategy To Beat EV Industry Profit Trends – Visit the link to read the article.

#6: Codebase Ventures Inc. – BKLLF –
One of my subscribers told me about Codebase Ventures Inc., and after doing some research, I decided to buy shares in the company. My Cost Basis Per Share – $0.17 In my opinion, my subscriber found an incredible futuristic stock to buy low so I can buy many shares over time.

Arcology Announces February Release Date for First Software Development Kit

#7: QEBR – VIRTUAL MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL INC – My Cost Basis Per Share – $0.08
QEBR (OTC:QEBR) today announced that several global crypto-trading platforms have announced their respective abilities to trade and store Filecoin. Visit the link to read more about it.

September 16, 2021 Update – Fidelity will not allow me to buy more shares in this stock. However, I believe eventually the stock will become more valuable in 2022. I’m not selling. I will hold what I own.

#8: What new company did I buy stock in? I bought VIH. VPC IMPACT ACQUISITION HOLDINGS will be renamed “Bakkt Holdings, Inc”. What is BAKKT?
Bakkt is a trusted digital asset marketplace that enables institutions and consumers to buy, sell, store, and spend digital assets. Bakkt’s retail platform, now widely available through the new Bakkt App, will amplify consumer spending, reduce traditional payment costs and bolster loyalty programs, adding value for all key stakeholders within the payments and digital assets ecosystem.
Visit the Bakkt newsroom to learn more.

I downloaded the BAKKT App, linked Reward Cards, and linked my bank checking account to the App. I’m in it to win it. I want to use the App to support the business.
My cost per share – $12.37

September 16, 2021 Update – I’ve bought more shares in this stock which brought my Cost Per Share down to $12.37. I’m still trying to understand how the App works. Eventually, I’ll get it.

I contacted BAKKT to ask if they will be adding alternative cryptocurrency coins/tokens. They replied back YES! Good luck everyone. BAKKT is owned by the same owner of the NYSE. See you in the next Youtube video clip.

July 15, 2021 Update
Here is a link to an article speaking about NetCents Technology Inc. I’m in the negative, however, I’m holding to see what happens.

#9: NetCents Technology Inc. – Ticker Symbol – NTTCF – – My Cost Basis Per Share – $0.92
The more I research, the more incredible opportunity investment stocks I find. I found another gem to invest in, and the find allows me to invest low. The futuristic company offers website developers to add cryptocurrency plugin shopping carts to their websites. The company also received a BIN (Bank Identification Number) by Visa and integrating their debit card into Apple Pay and Google Pay.

September 16, 2021 Update – I still believe in this company. I have not bought more shares but I’m holding.

#10: – Ticker Symbol – HMBL – I believe I found a stock that shows potential growth. Humblpay connects consumers and merchants in a digital economy. My cost per share is – $1.28

September 16, 2021 Update – I’ve increased my position a little bit and that brought my Cost Per Share to $1.28.

# 11: Ticker Symbol – TECXF – TechX Technologies Inc. – Focuses on emerging technologies across crypto, blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, and cloud-based technologies sectors. VANCOUVER, BC, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – TechX Technologies Inc. (“TechX” or the “Company”) (CSE: TECX) (OTC: TECXF) (FRA: C0B1), a company focused on emerging technologies including crypto, blockchain, AI, and cloud technologies, today announced that it has signed a definitive share purchase agreement (the “Agreement“) to acquire a 100% interest in Mobilum OÜ (“Mobilum“) for C$16,000,000.
My cost per share is – $0.63

September 16, 2021 UpdateTECXF is now MBLMF. Today I learned about their new website. Mobilum Technologies Hits Record Monthly Transaction Volume and Launches –

# 12: Ticker Symbol – KYNC – KYN Capital Group, Inc. – PIGEON FORGE, TN, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire– KYN Capital Group, Inc. (OTC: KYNC) is thrilled to announce the next component of the Koinfold™ Suite; the Koinfold™ Debit Card. The Koinfold™ Debit Card will be directly linked to the user’s Koinfold™ account. The Koinfold debit card looks to be much more than a great revenue stream to the company.  
My cost per share is – $0.01

September 16, 2021 Update – This is another fast expanding company that is making it. I’ve increased my shares by the thousands. KYN Capital Group Rebrands Company for Potential Huge Growth Ahead –

# 13: Ticker Symbol – MJWL – Majic Wheels Corp. – My cost per share is – $0.17

UPDATE: July 21, 2021 – Majic Acquires The Calfin Global Crypto Exchange: CGCX – Visit the link to read more about it –

I am not a financial advisor. I’m an average everyday person who shares what she learns and what company stocks she chose to buy.

Again, thank you for your purchase. To show my appreciation, as I find stocks I feel are worth investing in, I’ll add them here. Make sure to visit once in a while to stay up-to-date.

Good Luck. I hope you get to experience life without financial worries.

If you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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